Software for Food Traceability

Though food traceability procedures may seem daunting, processes at your plant can be simplified with the help of food traceability software. Designed to optimize productivity and ease data collection within food plants, traceability software offers automation with integrated scanners, scales and mobile devices. Processors can enable procedures to manage processing quality, plant efficiency and product recalls with the press of a button using food traceability software.

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Implementing software for food traceability makes it easy to generate, track and report critical information pertaining to your food manufacturing processes. This can include product files, label formats, weight tolerances, nutritional information and more. Traceability software also features functionality for trace-back, trace-forward, and in-plant traceability. These real-time insights into daily production make processes more efficient and help reduce costly, time-consuming manual data-entry errors.

In addition to providing access to vital information, food traceability software can produce reports for sales, inventory, production margins and yields. This enables processors to communicate effectively with all stakeholders involved at every stage throughout the process.

Carlisle Technology offers software solutions designed for complete traceability from supplier to customer, such as the Symphony Plant Productivity and Traceability Suite. Engineered to bring all components of data collection together like a finely tuned orchestra, Symphony offers centralized product management, production monitoring, inventory management and more. As with Carlisle’s entire product line, our high-tech solutions are supported by advanced hardware and our expert support teams.

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Written by Rice Lake Weighing Systems 

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