Integrated Solutions for the Food Industry

Carlisle offers integrated food plant solutions. These solutions include hardware and software solutions that generate, track and report on information throughout manufacturing processes. With a high degree of communication between these processes, and an overall emphasis on product traceability, Carlisle’s food plant solutions place the information required to effectively manage processing quality, plant efficiency and product recalls at your fingertips.

Plant managers are empowered with real-time plant visibility and control via tools such as Digital Dashboards, Error Alerting and Response Systems (EARS), Intelligent Production Scoreboards and Web Reports – available anytime – anywhere.

Symphony MES & WMS

Symphony brings all of the data collection components together like a finely tuned orchestra. Centralized product management, production monitoring, sales orders, purchasing, cost tracking, and inventory management. With Symphony plant floor data collection is easy and provides real-time insight into daily production.

Automated Case Weighing and Labeling

Over the past 30+ years Carlisle Technology has earned a solid reputation for supplying the very best integrated case weighing and labeling solutions in North America.

ERP Integration

Symphony can integrate with your ERP or Accounting System, dynamically synchronizing product files, vendors, customers, transaction data, and inventory details

Production Sortation and Classification

Efficiently manage and direct the flow of product on high volume production lines. With Carlisle's integrated sortation and classification system product will quickly get downstream and into the optimum inventory locations.

Food Traceability

Food traceability is achieved through a combination of best practices, defined processes, standard data collection, and reporting.

Weighing and Labeling

iCap is the industry’s most comprehensive and robust plant floor weighing and labeling solution. It was designed to handle virtually any weighing or labeling challenge a food company can throw at it. iCap can function as both a standalone application or as a centrally managed data capture solution controlled by Carlisle’s Symphony Traceability Suite.

Pallet Labeling

For large volume facilities that desire to fully automate their pallet labeling process. Detect product height, auto adjustment of the label applicator, and accurately apply pallet label on the go.

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