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Symphony Plant Productivity and Traceability Suite

Enterprise Manufacturing and Warehouse Management Software for the Food Industry

Symphony brings multiple data collection components together like a finely tuned orchestra. Symphony’s rugged manufacturing execution system focuses on centralized product management, production monitoring, and complete plant-floor control. Symphony’s dependable warehouse management system gives complete over site of sales orders, purchasing, cost tracking, order fulfillment and inventory management.


Symphony gives a 360 degree view of the plant-floor! 

Symphony was specifically designed to connect the front office to the plant-floor. As an enterprise grade manufacturing and warehouse management solution, Symphony makes sending and receiving plant-floor data simple and seamless. Whether you’re a small processor looking to implement a complete end-to-end traceability system, or a large processor looking for process automation. Symphony can do it all! Checkout this video case study highlighting Symphony in a large pork processing plant.  

Symphony MES

Symphony specializes in plant-floor data collection and was purposefully designed from the ground up to optimize productivity and ease data collection within the four walls of your food plant. Meaning, Symphony was engineered to minimize the impact felt on the plant floor while automating the collection of data with integrated scanners, scales and mobile devices.  This familiar process will minimize employee resistance to new technology and accelerate its adoption by reducing training times while eliminating time-consuming and costly manual data-entry errors.

Symphony WMS

Symphony’s Warehouse Management (WMS) software enables users to track inventory from receiving through to shipping. With the Order Management Application sales orders can be tracked from the entry of an order through picking, staging, and shipping with a single application screen. For fast and accurate warehouse management Symphony WMS is an essential piece to any plant management system. 

ERP & Accounting System Integration

Already have an ERP system? Symphony’s ERP Integration helps food plants get production information off their plant floor and into their ERP system. Symphony can integrate with your ERP or Accounting System dynamically synchronizing product files, vendors, customers, transaction data, and inventory details. Our software solutions and integration expertise is being used in many processing plants to fill that gap.

Symphony Add-Ons

No two plants are the same built the same or have the same processes. That’s why Symphony was developed with a modular architecture. Optional add-ons are designed to bolt onto the core Symphony MES and WMS software applications. Each of the add-on modules enhances the available functionality to provide greater insight, traceability or production visibility.  

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