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Symphony Warehouse Management Software

Leading meat-industry solutions for complete visibility and control over all food processing operations.

Symphony Warehouse Management Software: Key Features

Symphony’s Warehouse Management Solution enables meat and poultry processing businesses to create and track sales orders throughout the entire order-fulfillment process. Symphony’s order management dashboard gives office personnel full visibility into each order’s status. In the warehouse, operators are able to quickly locate inventory and pick orders. Symphony gives food processing companies the tools they need in order to efficiently process an order from the time the order is taken through to the time the order leaves on a truck.    

  • Feature-rich sales order entry 
  • Pricelist management 
  • Near-real-time order picking status
  • Complete order fulfillment dashboard
  • Quickly print all paperwork for outbound shipments
  • ERP and Accounting System Integration

What Does Symphony Warehouse Management Software Do?

Symphony’s Warehouse Management Software was designed to give meat and poultry processing plants a streamlined approach to the order-fulfillment process. The entire sales and order-fulfillment processes can be managed through a single dashboard. The Order Management Dashboard gives office personnel a single screen with which they can manage an order from start to finish. The dashboard also removed the need for users to have to jump between multiple applications to complete an order. From the Order Management Dashboard, the user can enter new orders, release orders to be picked, monitor the status of orders currently being picked, and close orders and trucks. Symphony’s Warehouse Management Solution also allows users to print invoices and shipping paperwork for each order.

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