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Protector Printer Enclosures Built to survive the harshest environments

Protector Printer Enclosures

Protect your printer investment! For label printing applications in harsh working environments, Carlisle Technology offers the Protector™ printer enclosures. The Protector™ provides wash-down and dust protection for thermal label printers, extending their life and reducing maintenance costs.

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Printer Enclosures
Print and Apply Enclosure

Protector Printer Enclosures

With its sealed NEMA-4X class stainless steel construction, the Protector™ enclosure is built from the ground up for high performance in corrosive, dusty, wet, hot and cold environments. The Protector™ enclosure promotes a more sanitary environment by allowing regular intensive cleaning procedures. Both front and side doors are latched securely before high-pressure cleaning, thoroughly protecting the printer from water and contamination.

Protector Print and Apply Enclosures

Automated print and apply systems are expensive investments that need to be protected. The Protector Print and Apply Enclosure was designed to protect your print and apply system from both water and dust. Carlisle Technology’s enclosures have been installed in many applications, from copper mines to food processing plants.