iCap – Plant Floor Weighing and Labelling Software

Weigh, Label and Track with Ease

Pieces, Cartons, Pallets and more…

iCap is the industry’s most comprehensive and robust plant floor weighing and labelling solution.  It was designed to handle virtually any weighing or labelling challenge a food company can throw at it.  iCap can function as both a standalone application or as a centrally managed data capture solution controlled by Carlisle’s Symphony Traceability Suite.

  • Easy, touchscreen-friendly interface
  • Capture yields and track giveaway
  • Improve labelling performance and reduce errors
  • Stand-alone operation or centrally managed

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iCap Applications

Weighing and Labelling

5800 carton weighing

Recipe Manager


Live Animal Receiving


When it comes to weighing and labelling individual product pieces or their packing cartons, operators rave about iCap’s simplicity.

Popular with further processors; to ensure process control and recipe quality, iCap offers step by step recipe management.

iCap enables slaughter facilities to receive live animals via RFID tags, barcodes or tattoo’s then track their progress thought out their processing.

In-Motion Weighing and Labelling


Ideal for larger, high-volume processors, iCap In-motion offers all of the same capabilities as iCap – Static, but adds automated features key to operator-free operation.