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Automated Product Weighing and Labeling


Over the past 30+ years Carlisle Technology has earned a solid reputation for supplying the very best integrated case weighing and labeling solutions in North America. Carlisle Technology’s Automated Case Weighing and Labeling Solution integrates the industry’s most robust hardware solutions with our configurable software. We partner with the very best manufacturers to provide best of breed  high accuracy in-motion carton scales, product indexers, infeed conveyors and print and apply systems. 

Automated Case Weighing and Labeling
iCap M5 Advanced Automated Weighing and Labeling

iCap M5 Advanced Automated Weighing and Labeling Software is an application designed to enable operator free case weighing and labeling. iCap M5 offers advanced features such as inbound product identification used to identify mixed product prior weighing. Automated weight and data capture, outbound label verification, reject management and product sortation.

Conveyor Scales

Carlisle Technology’s automated weighing and labeling solution includes an NTEP and Canadian Weights and Measures approved conveyor scale. This scale provides the best weighing accuracy available for high speed in-motion conveyor type applications. In addition to its high degree of accuracy the in-motion scale is very reliable, low maintenance and is designed to operate in harsh, wash down environments. The conveyor scale achieves this high degree of accuracy by its single load cell design. This design provides a simple, durable, and easy to maintain NTEP and Canadian Weights and Measures approved scale. The in-motion conveyor scale structure utilizes heavy stainless-steel construction allowing easy clean ability and a load cell that is sealed to repel water.

Automated Case Weighing and Labeling
Automated Print and Apply Labeling

Panther Print and Apply Systems are a key piece to automated weighing and labeling. Panther Industries’ Predator and Phantom models are fast, accurate, and extremely reliable. With support for both pneumatic and all electric applications, Panther has a solution for any environment. Print and apply labeling automation solutions elevate case weighing and labeling operations by streamlining the labeling process and helping increase over all product throughput.

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