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Symphony Warehouse Management

WMS – Warehouse Management System

Dependable Warehouse Management System – Complete Visibility from Receiving to Shipping 

Symphony’s Warehouse Management (WMS) software enables users to track inventory from receiving through shipping. With the Order Management application, sales orders can be tracked from the entry of an order through picking, staging, and shipping with a single application screen. For fast and accurate warehouse management Symphony WMS is an essential piece to any plant management system. 

Inventory Control

Multiple Warehouses and Locations – Set up multiple warehouses and multiple locations in each warehouse with Symphony. Designate which warehouse and location inventory should be picked from. Automatically assign inventory coming out of production to a warehouse and location by PLU. View all available and allocated serialized inventory for each warehouse and location. Vendor Product Relationships – Save time and money! No need to relabel incoming inventory. Setup vendor product relationships and reuse vendor GS1 labels. Cycle Counting – Lock warehouse locations and run an inventory cycle count. Cycle counting will keep inventory counts accurate, locate lost inventory, and make sure items are placed in correct warehouse locations.

Complete Order Management

Track orders from order entry all the way through picking, shipping, and truck closing. Reopen and edit orders at any time. This application gives complete insight into the entire order fulfillment process.

Order Picking

Release orders to be picked directly from the Order Entry or Order Management applications. Send picking instructions like warehouse location or age of product to be picked. Get real-time insight into the progress of orders being filled.

Shipping and Receiving

Symphony integrates with today’s most advanced mobile computing devices. Ship and receive inventory in the harshest plant floor conditions. Capture HACCP data like truck conditions, temperatures and print trucking paperwork when closing trucks.

Traceability Reports

Symphony enables processors to complete the traceability chain by tracking where product came from and to where it was sold. Track everything from packaging materials, and spices to finished goods. Expand your brand and open new market opportunities with Symphony. Selling into most large customers requires processors to implement an electronic traceability system. Symphony meets those requirements enabling processors to search out new opportunities.

Inventory Reporting

With over 100 different standard reports Symphony gives insight into everything from warehouse inventory, product availability, sales history, and shipping and receiving reports.

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