Symphony – Plant Productivity and Traceability Suite

An integrated approach to productivity, visibility, and traceability

Carlisle’s Symphony™- Plant Productivity  and Traceability Suite is a modular set of software solutions that combine to help you gain control and visibility of your food processing operations.

Symphony is a combination of mature, field-tested solutions for tracking fresh and frozen products throughout your plant.

The pre-packaged functionality approach of Symphony allows industry best-practice solutions to be implemented quickly at a competitive cost, and yet permits modular enhancements to ensure a fit with your plant processes and systems. Symphony is architected to handle the unique industry-specific processes for meat, poultry, fish, produce, baked goods, and processed foods.

Symphony integrates tightly with external ERP and accounting systems, while providing superior performance and traceability functionality versus a built-in WMS.


  • Product Management
  • Label Management
  • Station Management
  • Tare weight Management
  • Real-time giveaway monitoring
  • Full Track and Trace functionality
  • Recall Management
  • Modular – functionality grows with your needs
  • Integration with popular accounting and ERP software packages