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Product Retirement Notice: Omni-weigh

End of Support Notification

Carlisle Technology’s DOS-based Omni-Weigh Software will be End of Support on December 31, 2021.

Limited Support Through 2021

Please be advised that Carlisle will continue to provide support on OmniWeigh Station hardware repair and systems support through to the end of calendar 2021.

During this time Carlisle will continue to evaluate and quote hardware repairs, and will respond to Support issues under SSA (Carlisle’s Software Support Agreement). Software support will, however, be limited to critical defect resolution issues that are operationally affecting and have no other means of mitigation. Non-critical issues as well as software enhancements or customizations will not be supported.

SSA renewals of existing OmniWeigh licenses will be increased for 2021 to 20% of software license cost. This is due the technology’s age and the growing challenges in continuing to provide software support for DOS-based application. Please engage your Account Manager and refer to your SSA renewal quote for details.

Customers are advised that hardware repairs, while still supported through 2021, may involve some increased costs and lead times. Below are examples of common occurrences leading to an increase in service and parts costs:

  • Replacement of the Motherboard (most common fault) necessitates additional effort due to the need to update the OS image and re-install and configure software
  • Obsolete flash drives need to be replaced with current SSDs
  • Serial RS/232 touch screens have limited availability (DOS/Omni-Weigh does not support USB)

Upgrade to iCap Before 2022

OmniWeigh hardware and software support will cease as of 2022, after which any remaining OmniWeigh stations requiring repair or support will be redirected to Sales to quote a replacement station.

Considerations for Upgrading:

Customers are encouraged to consider the benefits of upgrading to Carlisle’s current iCap software. iCap is a Windows-based system that has been in use in the field for over 10 years. It is a mature product that reflects many functional enhancements Carlisle has undertaken during that time. iCap also provides administration and support benefits for IT, and its less costly to maintain over time. Customers are also encouraged to evaluate the cost-benefit of switching to iCap proactively:

  • Proactive replacement avoids unexpected system outages that are likely to affect production; for customers with few or no spares, this can become unacceptably impactful to business performance considering the challenges in getting these stations repaired
  • Hardware repair costs will sometimes be higher and take longer
  • Many Support issues requiring SRC response are more difficult and therefore take longer that they would for iCap
  • Annual SSA costs are higher for OmniWeigh than for iCap
  • OmniWeigh Support is limited to critical defect resolution
  • OmniWeigh functional enhancements or new releases are not supported
Please contact your Account Manager to discuss your situation and determine the best business decision for your organization.

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