ERP Integration

How Symphony complements your ERP/Accounting solution

Extending ERP systems to the plant floor

ERP systems are essential for running today’s businesses and managing by the numbers – “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. ERP systems need reams of data so they can present meaningful information to managers. In many situations, data is manually keyed into data entry terminals on the plant floor or in the office, adding substantial labour costs. In addition to that, people get behind and the value of information decreases over time.

There is a need for process-driven, real-time data generation and proper storage in a well architected database for quick retrieval and reporting. In addition, the clean presentation of relevant, valuable data to ERP systems, and the robust, flexible delivery of management information to users is important.

Carlisle’s software solutions and integration expertise is being used in many processing plants to fill that gap. Carlisle’s Symphony™ suite provides the following functionality via standard and optional modules:

  • Finished goods production weighing and labeling and production reporting
  • Management of tare weights, label format and content
  • Finished and Raw Goods Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Web-based Order Entry, including Quick Orders and Walk-in Orders
  • Order fulfillment and route management
  • Order invoicing and invoice posting
  • Traceability Reporting Recall Management
  • Livestock Procurement and Slaughterhouse Tracking (optional)
  • Projected Availability – livestock to finished goods (optional)
  • Process Traceability Manager (optional)

In the meat processing industry, the functionality Symphony provides is an excellent complement to any ERP system. We think of our software solutions as extending ERP system functionality to the plant floor. Some of our customers have actually told us that Carlisle is their ERP system for the plant floor. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. The meat industry has special requirements for its inventory such as date coding, lot tracking, and the ability to handle catch weights. Carlisle’s Symphony WMS is a serialized carton/pallet inventory system that maximizes usability and traceability at the same time.
  2. Symphony WMS provides users with flexible tools to handle the day to day operational requirements of fast paced fresh meat plant production environments.
  3. Symphony is architected for maximum traceability from inventory back through the production process via modular, integrated software solutions. This leverages our internal plant traceability against order fulfillment (production data is linked to inventory data)
  4. Production automatically becomes inventory due to Symphony’s real time integration of production (Symphony MES and iCap) with Finished Goods Inventory and Order Fulfillment (Symphony WMS)
  5. Symphony does an excellent job of tracking not only the primary products (meat) but also secondary products (packaging material)
  6. Symphony allows quick maintenance of Tare Weights by box type which updates product tares
  7. The “hold codes” feature of Symphony WMS provides the flexible ability to put multiple, automatic or manual logical holds on inventory by product, carton, pallet, lot#, location or product state (fresh or frozen)
  8. Provides flexibility on order fulfillment:  choose whether to “Pick and Ship”, or “Pick and Stage” then Ship by order.
  9. Keep track of truck weights “on the fly” to avoid overloading trucks and save penalties
  10. Powerful Pallet Handling capability provides unlimited flexibility while optimizing operations and reducing handling labor.
  11. Condition codes and related fulfillment rules handle fresh vs. frozen without requiring relabeling
  12. Supports lot tracking of multiple input lots to a completed carton via “Partials” handling feature
  13. Flexibility in handling substitutions with remote supervisor overrides and a full audit trail
  14. Inventory valuation based on procured cost (with procurement module)
  15. Symphony provides the foundation for other modules with significant business benefits:
    • Projected availability Module – helps sales to forecast fresh product available to sell
    • Livestock Procurement Module – combines procurement, slaughter and grading data for accurate settlement with full traceability
    • Process Traceability Module – advanced WIP tracking

Integrates with:

Symphony can integrate with your ERP or Accounting System, dynamically synchronizing product files, vendors, customers, transaction data, and inventory details (or snapshot summaries)

Carlisle has developed a robust and flexible ERP/Accounting system interface based on varying customer requirements, such as:

  • Intuit Quickbooks (via Quickbooks ODBC API)
  • Sage Business Vision (via shared intermediate tables)
  • Microsoft Dynamics (via shared intermediate SQL tables)
  • SAP (via flat file import/export)
  • AS/400 (via intermediate database with AS/400 import/export driver extensions to handle import rules, errors)

Other ERP and accounting systems can readily be integrated with Symphony with minimal customization, as Carlisle has a standardized, proven methodology developed from years of experience.