Why Carlisle?

Leverage our Systems Expertise

Implementing technology solutions is not something our customers do every day. That’s where we come in. We know the questions to ask in order to get to the right solution. We take the hassle out of co-ordinating with IT, maintenance, project management, and manufacturing.

Full breadth of solutions

Many vendors sell hardware. Many sell software. Some do service. So who’s responsible when you have a problem? There is no finger-pointing with Carlisle – customers simply call support, and we diagnose where the problem is and take immediate corrective action.

Long-term Support

Carlisle has both a hardware support department and a software support department. We service what we sell. Whether customers need printer maintenance, a label change, or a software modification, we can help. If assistance is required with a recall, we can provide quick, reliable answers

Reliability – Best of breed solutions

We’re partnered with top hardware and software vendors, including Motorola Solutions, Datamax-O’Neil, Panther, and Microsoft. Our customers can’t afford to be testing facilities for the nuances of mixing and matching vendors. They can’t afford downtime, so we provide solutions that is tried and tested.

Reliability – Architecture

Cloud-based systems sound wonderful – in theory. Carlisle’s hybrid architecture addresses some of the pitfalls to an internet-based system.


There may be cheaper hardware on the internet. Hosted software may be cheaper. At first. We’re often amazed at the creative accounting that doesn’t include the cost of consultants or internal resources to integrate, maintain, train, and modify systems

Software Architecture

  1. Access from anywhere
    • Potential Issue: If there is a connectivity problem. Then your line is down
    • Carlisle’s Approach: Thick-client on workstations, which can operate independently from the server.
  2. Central Control
    • Potential Issue: Demanding applications require high-speed access to data (e.g. in-motion weighing and labeling). If you’re blessed with fibre-access, you might be ok. If not – beware of web browsing, VOIP causing delays
    • Carlisle’s Approach: Server pushes product, label updates to stations, collects station data for web-based reporting, all without disrupting station operation.
  3. Software updates
    • Potential Issue: This can be useful, but the reality is that most updates are minor, and perhaps for functionality that you don’t have. Updates can cause training issues, reliability issues, and IT issues
    • Carlisle’s Approach: Carlisle’s approach is to schedule updates with the customer, when there is a benefit.
  4. Flexibility
    • Potential Issue: Is your process slightly different than other purchasers of the software? Then you might need a custom version, which makes updates much harder
    • Carlisle’s Approach: Carlisle’s software is highly configurable, without changing code


Regulatory Affairs needs a system that ensures compliance. Plant Operations need a system that doesn’t slow the process down. Quality Assurance needs a system that has the traceability data to provide quick answers for track and trace issues. Management wants a system that can measure costs, yields, and throughputs…

The reality is that there is no one system that does everything well, out-of-the-box. ERP may seem like a good approach, but many customers are wary of the disruption and cost of implementation/customization.

Carlisle integrates with customers’ existing accounting systems and reporting systems to minimize the change management headaches.

Prepared for the future

Many customers aren’t ready or don’t have the budget for a full traceability system, but know they want to get there. Carlisle provides solutions that naturally extend and connect with each other in order to provide end-to-end traceability


Carlisle provides solutions that work. With 25+ years of experience, we’ve incorporated industry best-practices into our core product offering. And we’ve made our products user-configurable to suit the way you need to run your business.

  • Software Maintenance
  • Datamax-O’Neil Printer Repair
  • Scale Installation and Repair
  • Integration Services
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Financing Assistance