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Symphony Mobile for MES and WMS

Streamline Inventory Management, Production Oversight, Quality Control all on the go with the Symphony Mobile Application 

Symphony Mobile Application Software: Key Features

The Symphony Mobile Application is designed to streamline the plant-floor MES and WMS processes. It enables operators to track do receiving, production batches, manage the warehouse and pick and ship orders. 

  • Inventory Management: Symphony Mobile makes inventory management easy. It has robust functionality like raw material receiving, cycle counting, inventory locks, inventory movements, picking, and shipping. 

  • WIP Tracking: Users are able to scan raw materials into production batches for traceability. Unused raw materials can be scanned back into inventory. 

  • Traceability: Symphony Mobile enables users to track production batches from raw materials to finished goods, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and improving transparency.

What Does Symphony Mobile Application Do?

The Symphony Mobile Application is designed to streamline and improve the food processing industry’s MES and WMS workflow. Operators can receive raw materials into their facility with simple GS1 barcode scanning. If items arrive at your facility without a GS1 barcode, Symphony Mobile will allow the user to create barcode labels right on the dock. The application enables users to issue raw materials into inventory, cycle count inventory locations, and build cases or pallets of finished goods. Users call also pick finished goods to a sales order, transfer items between warehouses, or ship products to customers. 

The Symphony Mobile Application is intended to be used by food processors of all sizes, from small independent businesses to large multinational corporations. The application is available on Android platforms and can be used on mobile computers or tablets.  Overall, the Symphony Mobile Application offers a comprehensive solution for food processors looking to improve their operations and increase their efficiency.

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