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Symphony MES and ERP Integration

Symphony MES and ERP Integration

Symphony was built from the plant-floor up. With its modular design Symphony, is able to integrate with ERP systems anywhere in the manufacturing process.

Optimize food plant operations by integrating Symphony MES with your ERP system

The popularity of ERP systems in the manufacturing world seems to be ever increasing. In a day and age when data equates to dollars the more relevant data that can be generated the better. Larger food processors dedicate full-time staff to maintain, collect, and analyse data coming into their ERP systems. A good ERP system will enable a food processing plant to take an in depth look at their processes in order to maximize their efficiencies and streamline the flow of production.

With all the emphasis on collecting data it begs the question, how can an ERP system effectively send and receive production data to and from the plant-floor? ERP systems don’t normally integrate well with plant-floor hardware like scales or other data collection devices. Symphony MES can be the bridge between the ERP system and the plant-floor. With seamless integration to the plant-floor Symphony MES augments the standard ERP system.