Newsletter – Spring 2016

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Spring is here!

And summer is right around the corner! Just like the change in weather we are experiencing, there is also a lot of change going on in the food industry.

2016 is shaping up to be an interesting year for North American food processors. In Canada, we are recognizing the implemetation of the Safe food for Canadians Act, while our friends in the US must now acklowledge the Food Safety Modernation Act. Both Acts bring with them changes including tighter rules around HACCP / preventative controls, inspections, more information for both regulators / consumers alike, and most disruptively – the FSMA will enable the FDA to issue mandatory recalls. This was almost always a voluntary act until now. With FSMA also comes the requirements for possessing a current “Recall Plan”.


In addition, the FDA just released its first major change to its nutritional labels in over twenty years. There are a lot of changes in this newest update. Calorie counts are bigger and easier to read. A line has been added to let eaters know how sugar levels of the product stack up against daily values. Daily values for things like fiber and sodium, which were set in the mid-1990s, have been adjusted for current recommendations. Vitamins A and C (which have almost no recorded deficiencies among Americans today) were removed, and Vitamin D and potassium (for which deficiencies are rising) were added

There are more changes, but this quick snap shot should summarize the major updates.
The new regulations and labeling standards are much easier to adopt, roll-out and manage with an automated plant floor productivity and traceability solution like Carlisle Symphony, so we hope you let us show how.
Wishing you all a terrific spring as we move forward into summer.

Wayne Slater,
Author of Food Traceability for Dummies and passionate Carlisle Technology employee

Newsletter – Spring 2016

Triumph Foods – Leading with Innovative Processes and Data Collection Technology from Carlisle Technology and Zebra Technologies

Triumph Foods is a progressive, high-volume, US-based pork processor. They have positioned themselves as a leader in their market by implementing innovative business processes and leveraging technology from Carlisle Technology and Zebra Technologies to:

  • Streamline data collection
  • Gain real-time insights into orders / production data
  • Centrally manage inventory
  • and provide complete traceability
Carlisle is proud to be a technology partner to Triumph Foods.

Carlisle Technology selected as “grading vendor” of choice

Ontario Pork represents the 1,369 producers who market hogs in the province of Ontario. Carlisle was pleased to be recently selected as the pork grading data collection vendor of choice for the next generation of grading solutions to be implemented into 11 local pork processors in 2016. We thank all those that made this possible.
Ontario Pork

Scanning just got a lot more convenient and affordable!


Quick and accurate barcode scans from virtually any distance!

Carlisle Technology and Honeywell Invite you to experience a new level of inventory management efficiency powered by the revolutionary EX25 near / far scan engine found in select Honeywell scanners and mobile computers – enabling you to:

  • Dramatically reduce your inventory and cycle count times
  • Quickly scan 1D and 2D barcodes up to 50ft away
  • Accurately read poorly printed or damaged barcodes from any orientation
  • Gain real-time access to your inventory – when used in conjunction with Carlisle’s Symohony



All these efficiencies at a price you won’t believe!
For a demo or to learn more:

NEW-Carlisle Protector Industrial Touchscreen Computers!


Carlisle’s, rugged, wash-down stainless steel enclosures protect small footprint PC’s such as the Tiny by Lenovo® from dust, moisture and sanitation processes. The bright high-resolution 17″ or 22″ display and quick disconnect serial and USB I/O options. Protect your hand held scanners with the optional scanner bay, or add a wash-down keyboard and mouse.
Typical uses include: extending your manufacturing or warehouse management applications to the plant such as ERP, MES, WMS, legacy AS400 programs and Carlisle’s Symphony.


To learn more: Click Here

Carlisle in the NEWS-I’ve Purchased And Implemented An Electronic Traceability System: Now What?

If you are new to tracebility systems like Carlisle’s Symphony, or are looking to increase your return on investment from your existing system, check out this article in FoodOnline written by Wayne Slater – author of Food Traceability for Dummies and employee of Carlisle Technology.
Learn how to:

  • Protect / future-proof your business
  • Improve your inventory management
  • Expand your supply-chain
  • Control your costs, while improving margins and profits
  • Differentiate the brand of your company and products

The article is available to you online by
Clicking Here

Food Logistics Magazine Article: F&B Tackles Supply Chain Traceability Head On

Earlier this year, Carlisle contributed to a terrific article on Traceability covered by Food Logistics Magazine.
Overview: The food industry is now a globalized market, advancing in production capabilities, enhanced disease detection systems, SKU proliferation, Internet-enabled reporting and the omnichannel have all shaken what was once a fairly simple supply chain. These forces have expanded the supply chain and created new challenges to supply chain visibility. Growers, processors, packers, distributors, retailers and transporters are all in need of better traceability tools.


The article is available to you online by CLICKING HERE


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October 21-23, 2016
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The Meating Place

Traceability for Dummies Book – It’s Available Here and YES, it’s still FREE!


Food Traceability For Dummies, is a must read for food producers and processors considering a computerized plant floor productivity and traceability solution.  It describes what food traceability is, how it works, and how you can add traceability to your internal plant processes. This book also helps you understand how to  choose a food traceability solution that best meets your organization’s unique needs. In almost every case, a traceability system will provide a rapid return on investment  and a positive impact on your bottom line.


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