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30+ years of providing integrated solutions


Carlisle Technology provides powerful   integrated information solutions with an   emphasis on product traceability and recall   management, primarily to the food industry   across North America. Our integrated solutions   enable processors to achieve higher standards   of plant productivity, product quality and   food safety.

Working with both mid-sized and large multi-plant processors and regulatory agencies, we turn raw data into organized, timely and actionable information. We provide business intelligence across the full production cycle from receiving through processing, packaging and warehousing to shipment. Plant Managers and others responsible for plant operations are given the tools they need for real-time visibility and control of plant operations to maximize yields and productivity while minimizing downtime and giveaway. Via the Carlisle Information Portal, analysts and executives can also easily access information to get the answers they need – fast!

Ontario Independent Meat Processors


Our End-To-End Solutions Address:
  • Plant Visibility Control Tools
  • Food Safety
  • Packaging – Flexible Labeling for Compliance
  • Work-in-Process – Track& Trace
  • Plant Automation
  • Warehouse Management
  • Live Animal &Carcass Tracking
  • Order Management & Accounting
  • Extending ERP System Functionality to the Plant Floor
  • Plant Productivity Metrics – Manage what you Measure!

Turn-key solutions

Cut Costs, Improve Productivity, Track Everything!

There are constant demands from your customers, your management and your regulators. It can be overwhelming.

We’ve been developing solutions for the food industry for a very long time, and we’d love to help share our experience. Our software incorporates best-practices from some of the largest companies in the industry. Our hardware is chosen because it’s the most reliable and maintenance-friendly And it all works together seamlessly, so you can focus on your competition rather than your operations

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Food Industry Expertise

With 25 years of installing   successful in-plant solutions for the North American food processing   industry, we understand the business.   We provide full solutions (hardware and software) to address productivity,   visibility and traceability. Our   reliable solutions are designed with business continuity in mind, and we   complement this with 24/7 service expertise to keep your plant running