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Product Sortation & Classififcation Control, Direct, and Automate Inventory Allocation

Carlisle Technology is first in automated product sortation. In order to efficiently manage high production volumes in multi-shift facilities with real time inventory feeds, it is critical that serialized production cartons are directed to the optimum inventory locations. Getting the cartons to the correct area quickly saves labor and allows immediate order fulfillment of perishable products, while at the same time improving customer service. This allows plant’s to capitalize on their opportunity costs and generate healthy ROI. All of this while providing product traceability that is second to none!

Product Sortation

Product Sortation Control: Carlisle can provide integrated hardware and software solutions to manage product sortation. Through the Web based Carlisle Information Portal, users can set up designated lane #’s for each product as well as default put-away locations for each lane. A secondary lane # can also be setup for situations where the primary lane is out-of-order.

Alternate Lane Control

Temporary/Alternate Lane Control: Temporary lane #’s and related locations can be setup to divert a given number of boxes to specific places to meet specific order criteria. Our Systems count down each product required in the alternate lane (with qualifying weight range) – these are automatically put-away to lane locations. Everything is recorded in our systems and whatever information is required on the label – for example – lane information and actual location – is available to be printed.

Sortation Integration

Sortation System Integration: Our systems allow you to setup product segregation criteria, facilitate dynamic mapping of order requirements vs. actual production vs. inventory pick zones. As well, our systems allow you to manage hold codes that can be applied anywhere throughout the process.