Print and Apply Label Applicators

Print and Apply Automated Label Applicators

Print and Apply label applicators are ideal for automating the application of high resolution text, bar codes and images on pieces, cases and pallets. Carlisle is an expert on designing and implementing in-motion and automated print solutions.  Leveraging leading print engines from Zebra and Datamax O’Neil (Honeywell), Carlisle partners with Panther Print and Apply solutions provide the compatibility you need, the performance to meet the most demanding application and the flexibility to print from almost any aspect (top, bottom, front, side, wrap, etc. ).  Made from aircraft-grade material, these applicators reliably perform in any shipping, production or packaging environment.

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Panther Label Applicators

Panther Cub™


The Panther CUB Label Applicator System is designed to be the most reliable piece of equipment on your plant floor. There is not another label applicator on the market that compares with the Panther CUB in terms of features, performance, and reliability. Utilizing “off-the-shelf” components ensures replacement parts like sensors, motors, and controllers are always available through a multitiude of sources. We know of no other manufacturer of labeling equipment that is dedicated to this way of thinking. Panther’s standard two year warranty speaks for itself.

Panther 1000™


The Panther 1000 is designed to be the smallest, simplest, most cost effective automated label print and apply system that you can buy. Based upon the highly acclaimed Panther 2000 architecture, the new model 1000 is a scaled down labeling system designed for low cost and tight locations. Panther has achieved some cost savings by making the whole system smaller and using an industry standard 8” supply label roll. The small size also means you can fit your Panther 1000 into spaces that no other system in the industry can.

Panther 2000™


Panther started out by designing a Print and Apply labeling system that they knew needed to be built. This system had to be fast, reliable, configurable, and rugged. It had to have an abundant label supply along with one important feature that most of the market was lacking – a display unit that would offer self-diagnostics, provide informative data, and accept user input. Upon final completion they decided on a name. A name that exemplified speed, ability, and strength. A name that told the competition that their days were numbered–The Panther 2000.

Panther P8™


The goal with the Panther P8 Print and Apply system is to provide customers with the information that they need, anywhere in their plant. In addition to that, our customers need a way to interface our labeling system directly with Allen-Bradley PLCs without wiring discrete I/O signals. Panther achieves this goal by utilizing Ethernet/IP so we can plug the Panther P8 directly into your Allen-Bradley PLC network eliminating the need entirely for discrete signaling between your labeling system and your plant floor PLC.

A-Class Print Engine


The A-Class Mark II family of advanced print engines is designed for high-demand multi-shift applications requiring fast throughput and proven reliability. The new design allows for quick and easy replacement of the platen roller and printhead, which minimizes downtime and improves efficiency.

Tamp Arm

Blow-on Label


Bag Labeling

Flag Wrap