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Automated Pallet Labeling Reliable, Intelligent, and Flexible

Pallet Labeling for large-volume facilities with advanced automation, this solution consists of a Panther label applicator, mounted on a servo-driven stand to adjust the height for correctly positioning the label regardless of the height of the pallet. Labels are often applied before and after stretch-wrapping the pallet, to ensure the pallet identity is not lost at the receiving end.


  • Fully automated process, with pallet height sensors, auto-adjusting servo stand, and automatic label apply.
  • Can be integrated with PLCs and other control devices for line speed, stretch wrapping
  • Reliable label applicators with field-serviceable parts


  1. Centrally control label design through Symphony, complying with GS1 standards
  2. Automatically relate the unique pallet ID to all the serialize cartons on the pallet, allowing full pallet detail information to be sent electronically to customers
  3. Designed for standalone, 24×7 operation
  4. Sophisticated error handling for faults and label changes

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