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Pack-off Manager for the Mushroom Industry

Solution Overview

Need to control your mushroom giveaway and get full traceability back to the piece?

The Symphony™: Pack- off Manager is a net weight management solution from Carlisle that allows you to closely monitor and manage the net weight of trays before they are packed into cartons. Plus, it records all the information you need for traceability purposes.

Key Benefits

  • Better weight control (tighter tolerances, less “give-away”, less rework)
  • Streamline operator functions, improving productivity, and reducing training requirements
  • Visibility – production monitoring, operator monitoring, and yield monitoring
  • Traceability of pieces into cartons, cartons into pallets, pallets to customers

Features and Functionality

  • Centrally controlled product file (products, packaging tare weights) accessible via web browser
  • Operators assigned to stations via web browser (used for measuring productivity of operators)
  • Filling of product trays (pieces) can be in separate locations from the packaging of cartons
Efficiency Reports:
  • Scale report: shows production for each station within a given time period. Report shows products, quantities, weights, and giveaway
  • Product report: shows production for all stations within a given time period
  • Operator reports: shows production for each operator within a given time period, including efficiency metrics
  • Shrink Analysis report: shows weighing on scale v
Traceability Reports:
  • Carton pieces report:  shows which pieces are in a particular carton, by either entering the carton ID, or by entering one of the piece IDs
  • Tray Detail Information:  shows details about a particular tray (piece), including product #, picking date/time, packaging time/date, operator, carton it went into
Administration Reports:
  • Pack-off Product Listing: shows all pack-off products, with their descriptions, weight target and tolerances, tare weights