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MES – Manufacturing Execution System

Rugged Manufacturing for the Toughest Production Facilities

Symphony specializes in plant-floor data collection and was purposefully designed from the ground up to optimize productivity and ease data collection within the four walls of your food plant. Meaning, Symphony was engineered to minimize the impact felt on the plant floor while automating the collection of data with integrated scanners, scales and mobile devices.  This familiar process will minimize employee resistance to new technology and accelerate its adoption by reducing training times while eliminating time-consuming and costly manual data-entry errors.

Centralized Plant Floor Control

Products – Create and manage product files by defining the product and the PLU. Assign label formats to the product file, set weight tolerances, add nutritional information, and allocate inventory warehouse locations. Symphony adds flexibility to completely define each product. Labels Formats – Send label formats to the plant floor using Symphony’s label design and deployment application. Symphony is optimized to reduce the overall number of label formats required. By using variable fields on the label format and pulling information directly from the product file, an entire plant can operate with only a few label formats. Tare Weights – Symphony removes plant operator error by maintaining and controlling product tares through the server. Product tares are held in the product file and are used by the scales when a product is selected and weighed.

Manufacturing Orders

Create manufacturing orders and send them down to the iCap stations to be filled. Add, pause or remove orders from the stations at any time. Easily copy orders from one day over to the next. Have multiple iCap stations filling orders at the same time and view real time order filling progress. 

Reporting and Dashboards

Get a full view of the plant floor with over 100 different standard reports and customized production dashboards.

Efficiency Monitoring

Symphony shows packaging performance by iCap station or production line. Efficiency monitoring can also be done by shift or operator.

WIP Tracking

Scan multiple inputs, such as, ingredients, products, and packaging material into batches and track those inputs to the associated finished good. Return unused items back into inventory to be used by a later batch.

Production Visibility

Gain insight into production through serialized production reports. Track pieces into cartons and then onto pallets.

Multi-Source Data Collection

Collect data from many different devices. Symphony integrates with scales, scanners, mobile computers, probes and printers.