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Empowering Food Operations with 

Actionable Data

Empowering Processors with Actionable Data
Empowering Processors with Actionable Data

 Industry Challenges

Unusable Data

You’ve been told to collect the data, now what? Most data sits in various databases never to be seen again, causing unusable information to continually aggregate.  

Heavy Workloads

Processes become redundant and repetitive that take up too much time and effort.  From paper to excel sheets and sending emails all day, results are never clear or accurate. 

Identifying Improvements

With all the noise from shuffling through results, there are no clear guidelines on how to utilize information for improvements or realistic goals backed by data. 

Solving Industry Challenges

How We Work Together

We’ve teamed up to fuel your operation’s continuous improvement by making results more accessible and useful for optimized decision-making. By joining the Symphony database and BluWave KPI Dashboards, we are able to give you unprecedented data delivery and new insights on the plant floor or from your home office. Joining Traceability and Operational Excellence tools, you are able to get full Transparency throughout your production environments.

Actionable Data

Real-Time KPIs

Full Transparency

Trend Analysis

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About Us 

The Food Traceability Experts

Carlisle Technology specializes in hardware and software solutions for the food industry. Our fully-integrated systems provide visibility and 360-degree traceability. 

What we do

Our solutions include food traceability software, weighing and labeling solutions, and plant MES and WMS systems. 

Increase Throughtput Increase Throughtput
Reduce Operating Errors Reduce Operating Errors
360 Degree Traceability 360 Degree Traceability

“As we researched our options, Carlisle emerged as the best combination of plant floor flexibility and durability, combined with full database capability.”

“No doubt the Carlisle Symphony system will make us better and allow us to service our customers with an order fill rate that is second to none.”

“Their after-project support has been outstanding and they quickly respond to any questions or problems we have.”

A Platform for Improvement

BluWave is the digital manufacturing platform for improving productivity, quality, safety, and operational excellence. 

What we do

Our platform empowers employees with solutions for digital data collection, real-time KPI dashboards, and management tools to drive continuous improvement.  

Leverage Data Past Compliance Leverage Data Past Compliance
Improve Performance in Real-Time Improve Performance in Real-Time
Gain Full Operations Transparency Gain Full Operations Transparency

“We’re getting context to our production performance that we never had before.”

“The system is making a large impact on bringing our production and quality systems into the 21st century.”

“We can see the data now and utilize it in ways that are meaningful to the bottom line.”