• Suite of mature products
  • Designed using food industry best-practices
  • Out of the box functionality for fast implementation
  • Modular design to allow phased installation
  • Integrates with external systems (ERP, SPC)
  • Business Intelligence reports Features Single Warehouse or Multiple Warehouses Mobile Computing Mobile barcode scanner data transfer via USB cradle, Wi-Fi or 3G mobile Track All Inventory and Assets Received Receive Using Purchase Order (PO) or Without PO Receive to a Default Location or to a Scanned Location Receive using Unit Of Measure (UOM) Multiplier Allows Same Stock Number at Multiple Locations Records All Inventory Issued by Destination Issue to Customers / Jobs / Production / Scrap Issue Against Sales Order (SO) or Without SO Provides Global and Local Inventory Levels Maintain Standard Inventory Cost Supports Random and Dedicated Putaway Maintain Supplier Information Categorize Raw Materials, WIP, Finished Goods Automatic Reorder Quantity Conduct Physical Inventory and Cycle Count Reconcile Physical Inventory to Book Inventory First In First Out (FIFO) Control Create Inventory Lists, Bill Of Materials (BOM), and Pick Lists Generate Custom Management Reports Data Export via Excel, Text, HTML, etc Print Barcode Labels and Catalogs Easy to Use Menu-Driven Warehouse Management System User Configurable to Your Specifications

Business Benefits

  • Greater inventory and location accuracy
  • Better stock rotation
  • Comprehensive control of product recall management and traceability
  • Multi-Level management of product quarantine
  • Productivity Monitoring Tools
  • Advanced data management and web-reporting capabilities
  • Connectivity to ERP, MRP and other external systems
  •  Material cost control
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Quality control
  • Customer service improvement Standard Inventory: Standard inventory tracking based on stock number and quantity Serialized Inventory: Keep inventory of individually tagged items using an ID number or serial number Batch / Lot Inventory: Tracking for expiration–dated items, including food, medical supplies, chemicals, etc.; allows for date codes, lot codes, and expiration dates Non–Inventory Tracking: Track things like man hours and currency


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  • iCap™ : is Carlisle Technology's third-generation of plant floor weighing, labeling, and plant floor control software.
  • Symphony MES™ : Carlisle's plant visibility suite, for centrally collecting and co-ordinating plant floor data, and reporting to improve your performance and yields
  • Symphony™ Integrated Suite : Carlisle's suite of products that enables full product traceability and management visibility; it encompasses receiving (ingredients), WIP tracking (including mixing), packaging (weighing and labeling), inventory management, shipping, and reporting

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An integrated approach to productivity, visibility, and traceability


Symphony - Plant Productivity SuiteToday's plants and distribution centers are experiencing a tremendous change in the way they do business. They must provide a higher level of customer satisfaction through delivery performance - with tighter deadlines and smaller budgets. They must also be able to conform to ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

To respond to this challenge, they need to be able to carry out their duties quickly and efficiently. Manual means will no longer suffice. Carlisle's Symphony™ WMS (also known as "InSight") is the ideal solution for your warehouse management and inventory control needs. The Symphony™ WMS gives you the sophisticated capabilities you need with the flexibility you desire.

The Symphony™ WMS transforms your raw data into management information, which facilitates:

  • Better, more responsive decisions
  •  Improved customer service
  •  Reduction of waste
  •  More productive employees
Insight Warehouse Management

Scales with your business

Symphony™ WMS comes with many productivity monitoring tools and real-time web-based reporting capabilities. Here's how it can grow with your needs:

External ERP Integration (click to read more)

Product feature list

Key Features:
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Typical System by Carlisle:
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External ERP Integration (click to read more)

Product feature list

Key Features:
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Typical System by Carlisle:
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External ERP Integration (click to read more)

Product feature list

Key Features:
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Typical System by Carlisle:
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Projected Availability

The “Projected Availability” module demonstrates the power of an integrated Symphony system. It provides a continuous estimate of the amount of unsold inventory that will be available for sale on a particular date in the future, using the following Symphony features:

  • Sales Order entry (shows quantities available for sale)
  • Procurement schedule entry (schedules for animal receiving/harvesting)
  • Carcass trolley tracking system (grading, weighing & tracking for yield analysis)
    - at cooler entrance: entry of attributes/demerits, supplier tag information
    - at cooler exit: weight recording
  • Production management: Packaging/Labelling into cases and pallets and posting into finished goods inventory
  • Inventory control system / WMS : on-hand inventory & location tracking, product age (for fresh/frozen conversions)

Reports Include:

  • Forecast of Primal Production - Shows number of primals and cartons that will be produced in the future, based on expected animal receipts, kill schedule, and standard yields
  • Forecast of Available Primal Carton Inventory - Shows number of cartons that will be on-hand at a future date, based on current inventory, existing customer orders, expected animal receipts, kill schedule, and standard yields
See sample reports (password required - please contact us)

Process Traceability Manager

When you need an expanded level of traceability through complicated recipes and WIP processes, iCap/PTM can help. iCap/PTM is part of the Symphony Process Traceability Manager solution ("PTM"), which connects and co-ordinates the various production stations on your plant floor. Rather than being point solutions for weighing, labeling, and WIP tracking, these stations are part of a unified "Recipe Execution" system. A Recipe is more than a list of ingredients to Symphony. It is a series of steps that are taken to ensure that your product is built with consistent quality, including HACCP & GMP data collection. iCap/PTM is the plant floor software that follows these process steps, from mixing ingredients, taking temperatures, weighing, and even prompting operators to verify that the equipment has been cleaned. And most importantly, every process and ingredient is linked together with automatically-generated lot numbers, so you'll have full traceability. These steps can be executed on particular stations, in a prescribed order. Quality control steps can be added, such as checking temperatures, recording operator feedback, and of course measuring weights.

Key Features:
  • automatically generate lot codes at Critical Control Points (CCPs)
  • assign specific processes to an iCap station or group of iCap stations
  • create and schedule batches of production that follows a specific recipe of processes and ingredients
  • ensure recipes are followed within specified tolerances, or leave open for simplicity/discretion of operator
  • track exceptions to the recipe (e.g. substitutions, recipe development, or approved quantity changes)
  •  integrates with inventory (Symphony WMS) to deplete ingredients, packaging, add finished goods ready for shipping
  • track stations, operators, process steps, inputs, output
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See sample reports (password required - please contact us)