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The functionality and performance of Carlisle's software is the result of 25 years of developing highly reliable solutions for plant floor data management.


With easy-to-use operator interfaces and real-time visibility for supervisors and managers, Carlisle software is designed for efficiency, accuracy, and process compliance.

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  • iCap : Carlisle's powerful and flexible software for weighing, labeling, and data capturing
  • Symphony : Carlisle's suite of products that enables full product traceability and management visibility; it encompasses receiving (ingredients), WIP tracking (including mixing), packaging (weighing and labeling), inventory management, shipping, and reporting
  • Solutions: Some of our many integrated software and hardware solutions

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Designed with the guidance of many food industry veterans like You!


 Integrated Traceability and Productivity Suite

A fully integrated system for productivity, visibility, and traceability from the receiving of animals to the shipping of finished goods

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Plant Floor Data Capture and Process Control

Weighing, labeling, data collection applications designed for the plant floor. Works standalone, or integrated with Symphony

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Symphony™ MES - Plant Visibility and Production Management

In-plant data collection and station management

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Symphony™ WMS - Inventory Control and Warehouse Management

Serialized carton and pallet handling designed for the food industry

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Applications and Solutions using Carlisle Software